Lorry Watch

Bungay Town Council is working with Suffolk County Council's Trading Standards Office in administering a Lorry Watch scheme in Bungay.

A 7.5 ton weight restriction applies to heavy goods vehicles travelling through Bungay from North to South, unless they have business in the town.

A team of observers record the number plates of the illegal lorries which are collected by a Co-ordinator (Cllr. Richard Mares) and passed to the TSO.  The TSO is able to discover if the HGVs have a legitimate reason to be in the town – delivery or collecting – and if not, a warning is issued.  Stopping for a call of nature, or a snack, is not a legitimate reason.

Bungay Town Council feels it is important for residents as well as Councillors to be involved and invites people who live or work along the routes the illegal HGVs take through the town to volunteer to be observers.  

If you would like to be considered to be an observer, please send your name and contact details to the Town Clerk

Peter Morrow, 11 Wharton St, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1EL  or email: townclerk@bungaytowncouncil.gov.uk

You will need to attend a short training session which will enable you to differentiate between different kinds of heavy goods vehicles, which are permitted (eg farm vehicles) and which are not and how to best record and report infringements.