The Town Mayor and The Town Reeve

2011/2012 Bungay's Town Mayor and Town Reeve

Prior to Bungay Urban District Council (1910), Bungay was administered by the Town Trust, led by the Town Reeve. The office continues today, so Bungay is unique in the United Kingdom in having both a Mayor and a Town Reeve although they have quite different roles. The Mayor is always the Council's current Chairman, elected by the Town Councillors in May each year.  The Reeve names his or her successor at the end of his or her term of office in November - the name being a jealously guarded secret (from all except the person to be nominated of course!) until after the annual Town Dinner.  

The Mayor and Town Reeve often appear at functions together and can be differentiated by the Mayor wearing red robes, and a chain of office consisting of a medallion and engraved silver plates with the names of previous holders of the office,  and the Reeve, purple.

Here are the 2011/2012 Town Mayor (Cllr. Terry Reeve) and the 2011/2012 Town Reeve (Cllr. John Warnes) at the opening of the new Castle Link Walkway, owned by the Castle Trust, in April 2012.

And here is the 2013/14 Town Mayor (Cllr. Judy Cloke) with the 2013 Town Reeve (Mr. Richard Cundy).

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