Who Does What for Bungay?

Three layers of local government administer Bungay:




All three have distinct and separate functions and responsibilities

As with other small town councils, Bungay Town Council is not solely responsible for all local government matters in the town.  

The term 'The Council' can therefore apply to any one of these three layers of local government - Town; District and County.

To simplify matters, the list below outlines the general responsibilities of all three Councils.

Suffolk County Council

Birth, Marriage and Death Registration


 Fire Safety

 Highways - On Street parking

               - Traffic management

Street Lighting


Recreation; Arts and Museums

Social Care

Strategic Planning

Trading Standards

Transport (Bus Services etc)

Waveney District Council

Collection of Council Tax and non-domestic rates

Environmental Health



Leisure Centres

Local Plans and Planning Applications

Public Conveniences

Waste Collection

Public Car Parks

Maintenance of Council Owned Land

Bungay Town Council

Consultation on all Planning Matters

Consultation with Suffolk County Council re all Highway matters

Initiation of Highway and Traffic Management proposals

Consultation on all changes that Suffolk County and Waveney District Councils make in policies and procedures.

Consultation with Suffolk and Waveney District Councils re delivery of services

Initiation and implementation of projects enhancing the town (such as memorials and minor environmental projects)

Monitoring of the standard of public services provided for the town by Waveney District Council and Suffolk County Council

Support to local voluntary bodies

Initiation of cultural, leisure and environmental projects

Securing of funding from outside bodies for the benefit of local initiatives (Locality Budget)

Ownership and control of town allotments

Ownership and control of Riverside Centre

Management of Council owned acreage on common (which is leased to the Golf Club).

Bungay Town Council also has major functions in acting as a 'watch-dog' for the town and in reporting matters to the principal authorities, Waveney District and Suffolk County Councils


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