Bungay Town Council

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Mick Lincoln – Mayor

Santallen, Rose Lane, NR35 1DQ

01986 896112

Sue Collins – Deputy Mayor

Waveney Holt, 9, Outney Road, NR35 1DZ

01986 892776

John Adams

Drift House, 13, Outney Road, NR35 1DZ

01986 948207

Janet Blowers O’Neill

19, Trinity Street, NR35 1EH

01986 893292

Guy Bradley

10, Trinity Street, NR35 1EH

01986 893517

John Fuller

Marsh View, Low Rd. Mettingham, NR35 1TS

07876 614617

John W Groom (District Councillor)

28, Wingfield St. NR35 1EZ

01986 895105

Lee Harnden

24, Outney Road, NR35 1DZ

07702 117257

Ken Lodge

57, Beccles Road, NR35 1HT

01986 892953

Dave O’Neill

19, Trinity Street, NR35 1EH

01986 893292

Bob Prior

30, Annis Hill, NR35 1LF

07827 275015

Robert Marshall

23, Flixton Road NR35 1HQ

07717 740193

Simon Woods (District Councillor)

6, Pilgrims Way, NR35 1HL

01986 896040

Clerk to the Council



Karen Forster

The Riverside Centre, The Staithe, NR35 1BF

01986 785428


County Councillor



David Ritchie


Abbey Farm, St James South Elmham , Halesworth, Suffolk , IP19 0HT

01986 783889























Committee And Panel Membership 2017/2018

Employment Panel: Cllrs Lincoln, Collins, Adams and Harnden

Environment and Planning Committee: Cllrs O' Neill, Harnden, Lincoln, Lodge and Prior

Finance & General Purposes: Cllrs Adams, Blowers O'Neill, Collins, Fuller, Groom and Woods.

Governance Committee: Cllrs Collins, Harnden, Lincoln, O'Neill, Prior and Woods.

Grounds And Premises Committee: Cllrs Adams, Prior and Woods


Working parties and similar groups

CIL working party: Cllrs Adams, O'Neill, Prior and Woods

Publications and Website Editors: Cllrs O'Neill, Prior and Woods

LCAS Working Party: Cllrs Collins, Lincoln, O'Neill and Woods

Emergency Planning Working Party: Groom, Prior and O'Neill


Annual Appointments to outside bodies for 2015/2016

BEBA: Cllrs Adams and O'Neill

Joint Tourist Committee: Cllr Woods

Bungay in Bloom: Cllrs. Groom

Outney Common Owners: Cllr Lincoln

Bungay Christmas Lights Committee: Cllrs Groom and O'Neill

Pride in BungayGroup: Cllrs O'Neill and Prior

River Waveney Valley Trust: Cllr Prior

Waveney Area Meeting of Suffolk Association of Local Councils: Cllrs Lodge and O'Neill


Ad hoc appointment

RBL end of WW1 anniversary planning group: Cllr Lincoln


Term appointments/nominations

Bungay Town Trust: Cllrs, Barnes, Cloke, Knights, Woods and Messrs M Davies and P Morrow

Bungay Castle Trust Ltd: Cllrs Groom and Woods, Mr M Evans

Bungay United Charities: Cllrs Cloke and Woods, Messrs M Evans and S Thompson

Eliza Dreyer Homes: Cllr Collins, Mr J Palin (1 June 2014)

All Hallows Hospital Advisory Group: Mr J Palin


Waveney District Councillors: Cllrs Groom and Woods

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