Council Meetings

Bungay Town Council holds a number of meetings each month to which the public are most welcome. These include Full Council Meetings and Main Committees (both held monthly) and Advisory Panels; Working Parties and Sub Committees, which are held as the need arises.


Just come along to the meeting up to 15 minutes before it starts; identify yourself and the issue you wish to speak on to the Clerk,  and you will have 3 minutes to present your case or opinion before the meeting starts. This WILL be taken into consideration if any decisions on the matter are made during the following meeting.

The maximum time allocation for this item, subject to current Standing Orders, is 20 minutes in total.

Currently Full Council meetings and committee meetings alternate monthly between the historic Council Chamber which is above the Broad Street Waveney District Council Offices and the Community Centre in Upper Olland Street.

Other meetings are held in the Council's Staithe Riverside Centre, located by the River and just off Staithe Road.

The Riverside Centre and the Community Centre have full disabled access.


Full Council Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month except

1) When this conflicts with a Bank Holiday. In this case it is held on the Tuesday of the same week.

2) In August.

3) In the month immediately preceding Local Elections for the Town Council.

Full Council meetings start at 7.45pm – unless otherwise advertised.

The public are most welcome to attend.

The minutes of Full Council Meetings during the current council year are available on this website. Older minutes are held in archive.

The agendas for Full Council Meetings are displayed at least 3 days previously to the meeting:

- on this website;

- on the Council notice boards in the Market Place.

- outside the Waveney District offices in Broad Street.

These notices show the date; time and location of the meeting and the business to be dealt with.


The Town Council holds an open Town Meeting each year in late April/early May,  at one of the venues availabe to the Council.   This is the last official Council Meeting at which the Mayor presides before the election of a new Mayor at the next Full Meeting, or the next Full Meeting following an election.

The agenda includes reports from the Mayor and a financial report from the Town Clerk and a presentation on a current topic of interest before the meeting is opened for a question and answer session with members of the public.  

Notice is given of the date and place of the meeting in the local press, the Council notiboards and on this website.

A copy of the Mayor's report for the 2014/2015 year can be read here.


Committee Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of every month except:

1) When this conflicts with a Bank Holiday. In this case it is held on the Tuesday of the same week.

2) In August. (Although this is variable depending on business demands)

Committee meetings start at 7.30PM – unless otherwise advertised.  The public are most welcome to attend.

Bungay Town Council Committees:

  • Environment and Planning (NB: some Planning Applications are also considered at Full Council) (Terms of reference here)
  • Finance and General Purposes (Terms of reference here)
  • Governance (Terms of reference here)
  • Grounds and Premises (Terme of reference here)
  • Employment (Terms of reference here)

Whilst it is possible that all of the committees are held during a single session, the selection depends on the demand of current business. This is always made quite clear on the Agenda.


In addition to the above formal meetings, working parties etc are formed to report to the Council on specific issues (Current Working Parties are: Publications and Website, Section 106, Quality Council and Emergency Planning).

Because of the more informal nature of these gatherings, public notice is not given, but the public are invited to attend when these sub-committees etc report to Full Council.


Council Meetings are governed by a set of rules known as Standing Orders.  To see Bungay Town Council's Standing Orders click here.

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